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Student Enrolment

To participate in a course language or other, at LINGUA IT, students are kindly requested to:


A - Send a completed and signed STUDENT ENROLMENT FORM (can be found on the LINGUA IT web site)

via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

post to: LINGUA IT Via F. Emilei, 24- 37121 Verona, ITALY


B - Pay a DEPOSIT 

The deposit can be paid in one of the following:

Direct Money Transfer

LINGUA IT, Istituto di Lingua e Cultura Italiana
Agenzia di Piazza Erbe ‘B’ - Piazza Erbe, 17 - 37121 Verona - Italia
c/c n:  37182
ABI:    05034
CAB:   11703
IBAN: IT22 Z050 3411 7030 0000 0037182

Visa or MasterCard

Please note that credit card payments can be made directly online.

International Bank Cheque

Payable to LINGUA IT, Istituto di Lingua e Cultura Italiana (please verify that your bank's cheques are accepted overseas as many local banks do not have agreements with foreign banks.)



Visas and Permission of Stay

LINGUA IT Italian language school, can assist and advise those students who require a STUDY VISA to study in Italy or those would like to obtain a PERMISSION OF STAY for the purpose of prolonged study overseas.

If a student is a citizen of the EU (European Union) they do not require a Visa if they plan to visit Italy for less than 90 days.

If, however, the student intends to stay in Italy more than 90 days, they are obliged to apply for a PERMISSION TO STAY CARD.

This application can be made at any qualified Post Office.

If a student is not a citizen of the EU and their home country does not have a tourist agreement with Italy, they require a VISA, obtainable at the Italian Embassy in their home country.

If you are unsure whether or not you require a visa or whether your country has a tourist agreement with Italy, we invite you to look at the website.



In order to obtain a visa, you should first contact the nearest ITALIAN EMBASSY or CONSULATE in your country to determine exactly what is required for you to enter Italy as a student. Take with you a copy of your ENROLMENT CERTIFICATE (a certified document from LINGUA IT confirming that you will be attending the school on a specified date) as well as all your personal documents.
Please note that LINGUA IT will only send you an ENROLMENT CERTIFICATE on receipt of your fully completed STUDENT ENROLMENT FORM and 100% payment of the selected course. If your VISA is not issued on time, you must notify LINGUA IT at least 20 days prior to the commencement of your course with an authorized document from the Embassy stating that your VISA application was rejected. Without this authorized document, we cannot reimburse your payment. Failure to notify the school at least 20 days prior to the commencement of your course, will result in the loss of your payment and the annulment of your enrolment.



Once you arrive in Italy, you need to go to a qualified Post Office and receive a premission of stay application kit :





Regulations and Conditions of the school

1) All lessons run for 55 minutes each.

2) Management at LINGUA IT reserves the right to cancel any course (language or other) if the prerequisite minimum number of three students (four for all Laboratories) is not achieved. In such cases, students will be reimbursed any monies they have paid out.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When can I commence my Language Course?
Courses commence on the dates specified in the Course Calendar. If you are not able to start the course on the specified dates, you can join on any Monday of the course's duration.(Please note that this does not apply to students in the Beginners Level as absence from any aspect of the course would put them at a significant disadvantage.) For those taking private lessons, you can commence your studies whenever you like.

When can I commence my language Cultural Course/s?
You can begin the Cultural Courses, Specialist Courses or Labhourtory whenever you like.

What time should I be at the school on the first day of my course?
All lessons commence at 9.00 am.

Why must I take a test on the first day of school?
Non-Beginners need to sit a short written test and have a brief interview with one of the teachers at LINGUIAT in order to ascertain their competency and knowledge of the Italian language. This initial evaluation ensures that students are placed in the language course level best suited to their skills and needs, with others students of a similar level.

What should I bring on the first day of school?
Only a pen and your personal effects, LINGUA IT provides the rest including textbooks, notebooks and all other didactic materials.

When do I need to pay for the course?
All accounts must be settled on (or befhours) the first day of your course. Payments can either be made by cash, international postal money order, direct debit, international bank cheque or credit card (VISA and MASTERCARD only). Please see "Enrolments" for the relevant payment details.

When must I pay for my accommodation?
It depends on the type of accommodation you have selected. The Secretary will be able to give you all the relevant information when you enrol.

Are double rooms available in all accommodation types?
Yes. Normally, the price per person is cheaper for a double room than for a single room.

Can I change my accommodation if I'm not happy with it?
Yes, but you will need to notify the Secretary at LINGUA IT at least a week befhours you leave your accommodation so that we can notify the proprietor of the residence.

Do I need to bring linen and towels with me?
No, these are supplied with accommodation.

Are utilities (electricity, water and gas) included in the accommodation price?
Yes, but not telephone calls.

Will my electrical appliances work in Italy?
The electrical current in Italy operates on a 220 Volt (50 Hz) system. Power sockets have two or three round pins. If your country operates on a different voltage (or uses different shaped power sockets) it is advisable to bring a power adapter with you for your appliances (mobile phone charger, laptop computer, hairdryer etc). You can usually purchase adapters at electrical appliance or hardware sthourss, but take note that sometimes it is difficult to find adapters for countries that are far afield such as Asia or Australia.

Is it necessary to tip in restaurants and cafés?
Usually a service fee of 10-15% is included in the bill but waiters will naturally be very happy if you decide to leave a little extra.

Is it possible for me to get in touch with past students of LINGUA IT? Yes. Visit Caffè Italia (LINGUA IT's cyberspace café) where you can chat with past students or get hold of a student mailing list if you would like to make new contacts with whom to practice your Italian.

When are the public holidays in Italy?
1st January (New Year's Day), 6th January (The Epiphany), one Sunday in March or April (Easter Sunday), the Monday immediately following Easter Sunday, 25th April (The Liberation of Italy), 1st May (Work Festival), 2nd of June (Republic Day), 15th August (Feast of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary), 1st November (All Saints' Day), 8th December (Festival of the Immaculate Conception), 25th December (Christmas Day), 26th December (Day of Saint Stefano).

If a public holiday falls during my language course, will the lost day be made up later?
No. These days are considered National public holidays and therefhours LINGUA IT will not recoup or reimburse them.



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